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Do you dare to envision yourself as a reputable PMU artist and command a premium by providing the highest quality of service? A world-class education is a must to distinguish yourself from a mushrooming crowd of average service providers. Learn from 23 times internationally certified artist – Ashmi Singhai, The first Indian International PMU artist to be a Gold Certified Board Member and now a Diamond Certified Trainer by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Our courses are most comprehensive covering all aspects of Permanent Makeup course so that you can be absolutely confident in pursuing a lucrative career in the very satisfying and rewarding industry! Congratulations on choosing one of the Best PMU educators of India.

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About The BrowMaster

The idea behind The BrowMaster took birth on an Investment Bankers’ sabbatical cum vacation trip to the US. The BrowMaster is the brainchild of Ashmi Singhai who is the first International PMU Trainer to be the certified Gold Board Member at the American Academy of Micropigmentation and now the youngest Diamond Certified Trainer . Ashmi is a Computer Science Engineer with MBA in Finance and CFA (USA). Before being bitten by the PMU bug, she worked in multinational Investment Banks for over a decade serving London office Financial Planning division.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of PMU depends most importantly on the training and experience of your artist. Make sure that the studio you choose is primarily a permanent makeup clinic and not a general beauty salon where one of the employees can offer some services. I would highly recommend you to stay away from Nail or Hair studio offering PMU as a side service. Only a dedicated artist can have the experience and expertise to provide you with the safest, most considerate, well thought out service

The quality of pigments and tools used also play a very important role, but if the artist or the studio is reputable in the field of PMU, you don’t have to worry about the product or tools quality.

Just remember to stay conservative with PMU, which means that plan and expect subtle natural enhancement and not a drastic change. Wanting to completely change the shape of your eyebrow or have a bold lipstick effect from lip blush is wrong expectation which may become very hard to maintain in the later years It is not a replacement for makeup. Depending on your skin type, it can offer 70 to 85% enhancement but not complete perfection. Not every stroke off the eyebrow will have the same darkness of color nor the lips will have very uniform color for a long time.

Having the right expectations is very important in order to have satisfactory results from your experience

Assuming right quality of work done, Permanent Makeup on brows requires touch up on an annual basis and Lip tint once in two years. This does not mean that it goes off completely. It can last upto 5 years as well depending on your skin and lifestyle but may not retain its full glory. Touch up sessions in annual or bi annual basis keeps your PMU looking it’s best.

Yes and No. Both are similar with some important differences. Tattoos are done using carbon concentrated inks that last a lifetime, where as pmu pigments are designed to create natural looking results that are unlike tattoos. Also tattoos are planted much deeper in the skin, permanent makeup is more superficial limited to upper skin layers. A tattoo artist can not perform PMU without its training as both skill sets are widely different in their artistic execution. The tools and machinery used for PMU is designed to work the upper skin layers in a softer hit to create smooth natural results.

On a scale, the discomfort of a PMU procedure is 5 on 10. To be even more specific Scalp is at 2, Brows is at 3, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner at 4, Lips at 5. Obviously every person has a different level of sensitivity and tolerance, and these numbers are the average estimates from experienced artists. Topical numbing is applied before and during the procedure and the quality of numbing product also affects ones experience.

In the hands of very experienced artists, people can even sleep off during the procedure. No one ever regrets undergoing PMU solely due to the discomfort during the procedure. The minor temporary discomfort of the procedure should not really be a deterrent for anyone to decide against doing it.

As long as you are choosing a very experienced artist who has been in the field for over an year or so, you don’t need to worry about the pain.

All PMU for face can take 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours which includes consultation and numbing time. However scalp Micro Pigmentation can take a longer time depending upon the area required to be covered

When it comes to PMU , don’t go scouting for the best discount which can potentially get you in trouble in long term. The biggest side effect is getting stuck with weird looking brows , lips or eyeliner that can not be easily corrected. Be doubly cautious of professionals offering the cheapest treatments as their products, trainings or experience could be questionable.

It’s significantly hard to correct or remove thus make sure that you work with a recognized permanent makeup clinic where international high quality sterilized products are used with clinical protocols in place towards sanitization. In the absence of right practices by inadequately trained artists , you run a risk of contracting blood Bourne diseases.

Remember to stick with subtle and natural enhancement which are pretty close to your natural features

Make sure that a big portfolio of your artists work is available in the public domain like instagram and it’s their own work as you can figure from the logos used on the pictures

You have the full right to ask about the studio’s training and certification sources to make sure you are in the safest hands

Our grand master is 15 times internationally certified and is the first Indian to have Gold Membership at American academy of Micro-pigmentation and now Diamond Certified Trainer.

We use top quality international pigments imported from USA, Poland, Russia to make sure we get the desired results in minimum number of sessions for our clients convenience. We take pride in delivering maximum results in minimum hours of work by having the best international products. Our products are well researched over the years and internationally acclaimed for skin and allergy safety.

The good quality of Permanent makeup cost starts from Rs 12000 for less experienced artists and goes upto a lakh for premium artists who are trained internationally and work with celebrities and NRI clients. The reason for high cost  is expensive international training that a PMU artist has to go through to drive the most gorgeous and natural looking results which only comes with extensive investment of time and money spent on training.

Most of the PMU services requires a minimum of 2 sessions to maximum of 3 sessions in few cases. Lips services can take up-to 4 sessions for neutralizing pigmented lips . You need to be slightly patient with permanent makeup, trust your professional and go through 2 to 3 sessions with ease without worrying about the final results too much.

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