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Course Price: Rs. 85,000


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Many women feel strongly about their dark, dull, thin lips & then there are others who just always want a flush of beautiful color on their face that keeps them feeling vibrant and young.  Isn’t it amazing to achieve that vibrancy without the constant reapplication & smudging blues?
This work has a huge potential but to perfect it requires a lot of training, practice, knowledge and patience. Doing it wrong could have damaging implications on someone’s lips .
Our Lip Blush class will teach you all the details about achieving success with  Dark Lip correction and add desired colors to clients lips .
As there are many possible ways of doing it wrong, how to avoid major issues that pmu artists usually struggle with in their lip blush journey .

Once learnt to perfection, one can unlock a vast ocean of market and build a reputable brand, doing only and only Lip Blushing .

Our Modules

Module 1

Health & Safety

  • Client eligibility
  • Disease overview
  • Patch Test
  • Precare & precautions
  • Protecting your client
  • Protecting yourself
  • Euipment sterlization
  • Working area sanitization
  • Post procedure care & precautions

Module 2

Lip Design & Shaping

  • Fundamental lip outlining and mapping technique
  • Defining soft / sharp cupid’s brow
  • Assignments on achieving fully saturated and uniform pigmentation
  • Common Mistakes by new practitioners to watch out for
  • Colour Theory for choosing right pigment for color and correction for your client

Module 3

Shading Technique

  • Types of needles
  • Practice on artificial skin
  • Incision Depth
  • Stretching &Pressure on skin
  • Intensity of pigment saturation
  • How to identify right & wrong
  • Machine speed
  • Common Mistakes to watch out for
  • Proper after care to acheive the best healed results
  • Number of sessions required based on desired intensity of colour or intensity of initial darkness

Module 4

Treatment Full Process

  • 2 live models ( 1 – demo and 1 by student )
  • Setting up the work station
  • Client Form filling
  • Secondary Consultation
  • Pre- Drawing
  • Using Apps to ascertain symmetry
  • Fixing the shape
  • Primary Numbing
  • Secondary Numbing
  • After care consultation
  • Scheduling next appointment
  • Post appointment Sanitisation

Bonus 1

How to Run a Successful Business

  • How to Price initially & after you become a confident expert
  • Upselling services
  • How to showcase your work by taking the best pictures
  • Readymade form for professional communication, client & your safety

Bonus 2

How to Manage Client Expectations

  • How to consult clients before, during and after the procedure
  • How to address grievances

Bonus 3

Extended Support

  • Telephonic support with your next 3 models/clients
  • You will be added to the private group of students community to post  your queries
  • Help with all the supplies you need for continued business

Connect With Us

Make most of the right time by entering in permanent makeup industry before it gets saturated. Charge premium price and make your brand name while the industry is still picking up with limited players

  • Small Batch size of upto 6 students
  • You can recover your training cost with just 5 – 6 clients
  • Monthly revenue estimate assuming minimum & maximum
  • Rs 1,80,000 assuming only 12 clients ( 3 clients per week) at  Rs.15000
  • Rs 8,00,000 assuming 32 clients ( 8 clients per week ) at Rs. 25000

* Your course completion certificate shall be issued after observing the healed results of 4 models

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