Vitiligo Camouflage Tattoo

Vitiligo Camouflage Permanent Makeup is a highly effective treatment for vitiligo that provides immediate results and can last for up to 3 years without washing off. The semi-permanent makeup pigment is used to blend the white patches of skin with your natural skin tone, that doesn’t smudge or wash off. This treatment can be applied to various areas of the body, including the face and hands. It is considered the next best but much faster alternative to a cure for vitiligo.

Known as Cosmetic Camouflage Tattooing, this procedure, also referred to as micro-pigmentation. It has become a popular option for individuals seeking a quick and easy way to improve their appearance and self-image. Medical doctors are increasingly recommending this cosmetic solution with confidence due to its proven results.

While micropigmentation may seem similar to traditional tattooing, the effects are not permanent, and typically last for up to 3 years without a refresh. This can be considered a positive aspect of the treatment, as the mineral pigments used gradually fade over time as the body breaks them down. This process allows for modifications and improvements to be made during subsequent sessions. Although a new session will eventually be required to maintain the effects, this temporary aspect of micropigmentation provides the flexibility to change the design or adjust the color over time.

During the micropigmentation process, the mineral pigments are blended on-site to create a customised shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. A proficient technician can accurately anticipate the ideal tone and undertone that will seamlessly blend with your skin. This results in tattooed patches that are virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding skin surface.

The tattooing technique used in camouflage is way different from traditional tattooing. The very reason why cosmetic tattooing professionals need a specialised training in camouflage tattoo techniques. Tattoos are meant to stand out & highlight whereas camouflage is supposed to blend in. Also traditional tattoos are worked on normal skin conditions whereas cosmetic tattooing aims to work with delicate skin that is susceptible to easily being inflamed or overworked. Getting cosmetic tattooing done by a traditional tattoo artist might seem a  cheaper solution, but in the long term it could lead to an unpleasant non reversible condition.

It’s important to establish that you are a right candidate for cosmetic tattooing. Make sure that your Vitiligo patch is stable for more than 1 year. Visit your dermatologist and find out, if your vitiligo is in active phase, tattooing over it can lead to spreading out.

When considering cosmetic camouflage, have realistic expectations of improvement over perfection. Once you consult your technician – they will advise you 3 to 6 cosmetic tattooing sessions which are at 1-2 months gap. In each micropigmentation session, the pigment is applied to the skin in thin layers, gradually altering its color and harmonising it with your natural skin tone. Following each micropigmentation session, the pigment will appear more pronounced initially and will eventually lighten up until the next session, where additional pigment will be added. With each subsequent session, the color will gradually fade less until it eventually matches and blends with the natural skin tone. It is common for the skin to be slightly red and irritated for a period of 3-10 days after each appointment.The final healed results from each session will be clear in 30 -50 days time or longer in some cases. Slow deposition of pigment over multiple sessions is advised to honour skin integrity and thus better results, if you try to deposit more pigments in lesser sessions, skin can be traumatised and would not be able to heal well, thereby reversing the results. You need to be patient in waiting towards the results until all the recommended sessions are done. It’s like a painting job, it could look very messy in the process but the final results are worth the wait & effort. Again, it’s recommended to focus on improvements over perfection. The healed final results may be a 80 -90% match for your skin colour, but it would still be much better than your original situation. Since the cosmetic tattooing is done in the first & second layer of the skin, the pigment that is tattooed on may not heal the same colour, but could have taken on hues from your skin undertones and hence in some cases, exact colour match may not be possible.


Also worth mentioning is that you can achieve longer lasting and quicker results in the areas that don’t move too much example: Back, Arms whereas areas like Knee Joints, fingers with lots of movement involved may require more sessions or results may not last as much as in the other stable areas.


Once the treatment session is done, a few simple post care instructions to keep the treated area clean and dry shall be advised for 7-10 days. 


The outcome of the treatment generally remains on the skin for about three years, but this duration may differ from person to person. Over time, the results will naturally diminish. To sustain the effects, many customers prefer to have a touch-up appointment every nine months to one or two years, based on their skin type. By doing so, the vitiligo will remain invisible permanently.

The price for camouflage will depend upon the patch size and number of sessions that go in. Pricing is done for per square inch area. Send in your clear pictures first to get an estimate or drop in to the studio for a free detailed consultation and a free colour match demo.

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