Areola Pigementation

A very recent concept that aims at improving the appearance of nipples. It’s a technique to create or restore the nipples to aesthetic looking shape & color with semi permanent makeup. People who have irregular / fading / dark nipples , have scars /undergone a surgery or is not satisfied and want some color improvement- this is the perfect and safe solution .

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. At  Brow Master we use internationally proven pigments, sterile and disposable medical grade equipment conducted by artists with respectable experience in Permanent makeup

Before starting the procedure consultation about healing and expected results are discussed based on their current nipples situation. Numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort. We go over the nipple by inserting the top layer of skin with lightening or brightening pigments with the help of soft hitting pen like machines. We customise the pigment colors to suit your skin tone. It can take upto 2-4 sessions depending on your base color & desired results

Each session can take from two to two and a half hours.

One may experience slight pricks in the skin; however we do apply a numbing cream beforehand and during the procedure, so it will be anywhere between no to a tolerable pain . Post procedure you may notice a mild discomfort or soreness for a period ranging between three to five days, but if you follow our post care procedure then it heals even quicker.

Yes it looks pretty natural and the final results can be seen within two to three months which eventually improves brown to softer hues of pink.

The work lasts for three to five years with proper post care that we share with you.

Gently wash with a mild soap to clean. Keep your newly tattooed areola away from your bra for a few days. Use a non-stick pad on the first day and change it every few hours if needed, then use a cotton pad as a barrier on the subsequent days and apply the ointment provided.