Microblading Course

microblading course in mumbai

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup procedure that involves manually creating strokes that mimic eyebrow hairs using a handheld tool and pigments.

Due to its natural finish, there is a high demand for microblading procedures amongst indians, and this trend is on the rise. This can be a lucrative business because it is a specialized procedure that requires training and certification. For a person with an entrepreneurial mindset and devotion to learn, a microblading business has a lot of potential returns.
Our Microblading Course Masterclass will not teach you the techniques to perfect your skill but it includes comprehensive coverage on setting up a profitable business and client management. Attend Microblading Training with us to experience world class training experience necessary for professional grade certified artists

Microblading Packages


  • Client eligibility
  • Disease overview
  • Patch Test
  • Precare & precautions
  • Protecting your client
  • Protecting yourself
  • Euipment sterlization
  • Working area sanitization
  • Post procedure care & precautions

Microblading + Ombre Powder Shading

  • Fundamental brow design principles
  • Phi / Golden beauty ratio to achieve best shape with symmetry
  • Assignments on drawing various golden ratio brows
  • Measuring lengths & angles using the tools provided
  • Types of brows
  • Customising brow as per clients face & preferences
  • Colour Theory for choosing right pigment for your client
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