Benefits of pmu & how it is different from Tattoo

Eyebrows? Check, Lip blush? Check,Eyeliner? Check. And you are now photo ready for next 1 to 2 years.  Wait? What? Yes you heard it right. You just saved 40 precious hours on Makeup this year and still managed look better than ever 24*7. No Kidding, Permanent Makeup comes to the rescue for all the beautiful busy bees out there who can’t be bothered with putting makeup 3 times a day. You won’t lose your diva confidence after a sweaty gym session, a long date night nor you have to worry about pool parties. Permanent makeup has your back (I mean face). Spoiler Alert: Despite the name, The results last 2 to 4 years depending on skin type & lifestyle

PMU ie Permanent makeup is known by many names which are essentially its subcategories like Microblading for perfectly shaped eyebrows, Lip Blush for rosy looking Lips excellent to correct dark pigmented lips to a natural baby lip form, Semi Permanent Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement for the Kohl rimmed eyes etc. All the techniques involve application of medical grade pigments on the first layer of skin in a highly sophisticated manner so that it looks like part of your natural anatomy.

There is now a gradual rise of Studios & Artists mushrooming across the country, a few well trained but most others are questionable. One needs to be extremely careful and find extremely experienced artists, as it requires sophisticated training coupled with heavy duty experience, extreme clinical hygiene, and scientific tool kit set up to ensure safe and highly aesthetic work that you can cherish for years.

One such studio which is highly frequented by B-town celebs is The BrowMaster Permanent Makeup Studio by Ashmi Singhai. Ashmi is Diamond certified permanent makeup trainer accredited by American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), The highest global recognition for Permanent Makeup Trainers. Ashmi is 22 times internationally certified for diverse PMU procedures and has been awarded the best amongst the many PMU artists across India by Indian Leadership Conclave awards. You can know all about PMU treatments in more detail on  or simply visit her droolworthy beautiful Instagram (

Does it Look like Tattoo??

According to Ashmi, Unlike the face tattoos in 80s & 90s that looked too obvious, lacked precision and aged in funny colours, well trained permanent makeup artists can offer hyper natural results. The Lip blush looks so natural that even if your friend touches and scrutinises your lips, they can’t tell that the secret is permanent makeup. ! How cool is that!!

The pigments used in Permanent makeup are not the ones used in tattooing and can stay truer to the intended colour like Browns or Blacks. Secondly many people believe that PMU is as painful as tattoos which is also not true, Tattoo is worked in the third layer of skin which is why it lasts a lifetime, whereas PMU goes only in the first layer. High quality PMU machines used by premium artists are much softer and gentler on the skin.

Is it Completely safe??

Ashmi Says : In the hands of highly experienced quality professionals, Permanent Makeup can be completely safe. Hence the most important factor is investing time in finding the best artist.

Are they certified?

Are they doing PMU for ATLEAST 2 years or more?
How many clients have they done?
Are there enough pictures on their instagram that look like their own original works?
Do they have a sterile clinical facility to perform skin deep procedures?
Are they giving you all the precare and aftercare instructions properly?

Zoom in &  Analyse their work pictures in microscopic detail and objectively observe differences in every artist’s style. For Example: Some artists make all eyebrows look similar with arches at the same position for all clients irrespective of their bone structure and make every eyebrow look very dark. Go for a versatile artist who can create a variety of work customised to their clients requirement.

Skip going to Hair Salons or Nail bars or Lash artists whose primary work is something else as they lack adequate experience, focus & knowledge required  for the safest PMU. Prefer finding a PMU exclusive artist whose work is only permanent makeup as they are highly likely to have best equipment, knowledge and intense experience in a focused field.

Is it Very Expensive?

When it comes to permanent changes to your face, do not price shop for a great deal as in the long term this can cost you your peace of mind with your face being compromised. With a reputable artist you might be paying a premium price but it would be something you would cherish  for many years whereas with the wrong one, you will have no choice but to regret & repent every day. The corrections, changes or removals of permanent makeup is neither simple nor easy or cheap  hence its imperative that you do it with utmost care instead of trying to save a couple thousands. Depending on your city and your artists experience, It can cost you anywhere between 15000 for a safe & decent job to 50000 for a luxury experience with the best customer service.

How to find good Artists:

A thorough hashtag search on instagram is the best way to begin your search for good artists in your country. Once you figure out a few best names, head over to their website to gather a sense of their depth in PMU.  It’s worth travelling to another city rather than settling with someone locally available to ensure a regret free experience.  If you can’t find a satisfactory level of work in your own city as PMU is still relatively new in India, you can consider travelling to your choice of artist in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad where PMU is quite popular already. Do hashtag search on instagram like #microbladingmumbai, #lipblushindia, #permanentmakeupmumbai, #Permanenteyelinerindia  to browse and compare from the works of many artists.

The pmu procedures are average 2 to 3 hours long and usually dont require more than 2 sessions which can be scheduled in a gap of 1 to 2 months

What if it Hurts?: Pain is something that varies widely from person to person but pain management again boils down to choosing a rightly experienced artist. According to Ashmi at The BrowMaster Studio “Many of my clients doze off during the eyebrow procedure and some even snore loudly”. The good artists know how to work with topical numbing ointments for the best experience and results. You are bound to experience more pain in the hands of less experienced providers.

To put it as a friendly advice, When done properly with perfect precare & aftercare, Most women are absolutely thrilled with the results and it becomes one of the best decisions of their lives as they wake up to a gorgeous face in the mirror.

Futuristic Trends in PMU by BrowMaster Studio:

BrowMasters studio has taken one step ahead by introducing Areola Enhancement & Scalp Micropigmentation. Areola Enhancement- a very recent concept that aims at improving the appearance of nipples. For people who have irregular/fading/dark nipples, have scars /have undergone surgery or are not happy with the colour of their nipples – this is the perfect and safe solution. This technique can create or restore the nipples to an aesthetic-looking shape & colour with semi-permanent makeup.

Scalp Micropigmentation : a quick fix procedure to hide bald patches, or to create an effect of Buzz cut on someone who is completely bald. Hair Loss has a huge impact on people’s confidence levels. Getting a quick fix solution is a life saviour when you don’t have to wait for the results.

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