Can one do Permanent Makeup at Home?

Should you Call for  Permanent Makeup Services at Home? Every grooming service including cosmetological injections and even tattoos is available at doorstep. Why can’t Microblading be done at my Home ? Hi I am Ashmi, – Award winning Best Permanent Makeup Artist of India 2021, Master artist at The BrowMaster Studio, here to share my views with you if PMU should be done at home Our client tell us stories of their friends who called a girl to do microblading at home since she was very cheap but the result also came out looking quite cheap. Every now and then we have a client saying I will pay extra amount, please come to my home and do the service. So why don’t we? Reason no 1. Its Prone to serious infections : Permanent Makeup is a clinical procedure where in your skin is open for extended period of time ( 2 to 3 hours ). The chances of you contracting an infection are increased unless everything  that gets in contact is sterilized and disposable. Just the same way certain medical surgeries can be performed only in a clinic, and not at your home, For your own sefety , your PMU services should be performed only in a PMU set up. Nowadays, Many beauty salons are starting PMU services. They render these services on the same beds where body waxing or body massage / spa services are performed. This is highly risky and infection prone if the set up is not sterilised in a clinical way. It’s happening Due to the lack of regulations around Permanent Makeup in India. In the regions like the US, CANADA OR EUROPE, Permanent makeup risks are taken very seriously and no beauty establishment is allowed to offer these services in the same area along with other non clinical beauty treatments. Many facility certifications and medical licenses are required to be in place before a commercial establishment can offer clinical services like Permanent Makeup. On the other hand it’s taken so lightly in India that untrained beauticians are offering super cheap microblading alongside facials & waxing at home. This is the level of ignorance in our country. And i wont blame the beautician as much as the consumer. I think Its consumers responsibility to research a little about a service, before letting someone run needles and blades on their skin. Just for the sake of homely comfort  & convenience you might end up attracting a serious condition that could take you months or years to get rid of and might cost you dearly due to ignorance Reason 2 : Compromised results due to Lack of Proper Set Up: Talking about Brows – Brow Mapping is a very crucial aspect which is one of the deciding factors between a good or bad result. When we do it at the studio we have many tools as well as a perfect set up of Bed, Mirrors & perfect lighting to help us ensure that the mapping is absolutely ideal and symmetrical for the client’s face. Its Not possible to set up these tools when visiting your house on a temporary basis. Secondly we have a very comfortable ergonomical designed structure to enable the artist to perform to her best artistic skills in the studio. In the lack of such ergonomical arrangements, one can not deliver their best When it comes to making long term  changes to your face, you are better off not compromising. After all its your face. Reason 3 : You dont get the Best experience: Getting Permanent make up is a memorable experience in itself. You would want to remember and cherish this day for a long long time as it is quite life changing.  Hence to give you the best experience the professional artists like myself make a beautiful studio and hire trained staff. You wouldn’t want to take away from the whole experience by turning it into just another day at home. You would enjoy the experience if you came in with the right attitude and excitement. SO if you are thinking to do any kind of PERMANENT MAKEUP, Whether its brows, lips, or tattooing of any kind, Dont be lazy or hasty. Research about the best Permanent makeup studio in your city, find out the best artist, check out their website and instagram page, know all the before and after conditions and precautions book yourself an appointment. Dont keep yourself too blocked up with many tasks on the day of appointment. And enjoy your service. Trust the Artist, Trust the hEALING pROCESS.
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