Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP ) Training Course In Vijayawada, India


Given the surging demand for effective scalp treatments for hair loss, both in India and globally, comes a high demand for skilled SMP practitioners. To capitalize on the opportunities in this expanding market, it is crucial to receive training from the reputable academy. To ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of scalp micropigmentation. The BrowMaster permanent makeup academy steps in as a comprehensive solution and guide for combating hair loss. Our training program maintains an exceptionally high standard training, covering a wide range of micropigmentation services which includes scalp micropigmentation. This training not only equips you with the necessary skills for success but also imparts knowledge in business management, marketing and people management- crucial aspects for a thriving career in SMP.

Course Details


Master trainer: INR 95000/-

Grand Master: INR 150000/-

Other Details :

Whatsapp us @ 9920225009 for dates and other information

Our Modules

Module 1

Health & Safety

● Client eligibility

● Observe 2 complementary demo (worth 10k FREE)
● Patch Test
● Pre care & Precaution
● Protecting your client
● Protecting yourself
● Client portfolio documentation
● Client consent form documentation
● Equipment sterilization
● Working area sanitization

Module 2

Brow Design & Shaping

● Types of hairlines.
● Measurements and designed mapping.
● Colour theory, right pigment selection
● Pigment dilution
● Colour correction
● Customizing scalp as per client’s preference.
● Common mistakes by new practitioners to watch out.
● Number of sessions require
● Scalp Scar coverage technique with SMP

Module 3

Shading Technique

● Machine Knowledge
● Needle knowledge
● Hand Motion and incision depth
● Stretching and pressure on skin
● Common mistake to avoid
● Practice on artificial skin
● Number of sessions.

Module 4

Treatment Full Process

● 1 Live client demonstration
● 1 student demo model
● Client consent form filling
● Primary & secondary numbing agent
● Setting up work station
● Post appointment sanitization
● Scheduling next appointment
● Second session technique
● Healing stages

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