The next in thing – Permanent Eyeliner 

Now no more being late because of perfectly winged liner, get it permanently fixed and flaunt it as if you own it.  With all the fuss about eyebrows, let’s not forget what they’re framing: the eyes.  Do you spend precious time swiping your eyes in the morning with the flawless application of eyeliner every day?  Do your eyes look red, itchy, or irritated by makeup?  Is it hard to see without glasses to draw?  Do you live an active lifestyle but want to look good all the time?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, permanent eyeliner is the perfect solution. Permanent eyeliner not only looks great every day, but it saves a lot of time. Face your day with confidence without any other makeup on, or get up and go out without feeling naked. That’s an added bonus especially if you already have amazing permanent brows. We call it Wash and Wear!   Permanent eyeliner eliminates bleeding and sensitivity issues. No more irritation, redness or itching.   Enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, running,  and sweating. You don’t have to worry about eyeliner drooping down your cheeks or looking like a raccoon. Be a girl who looks great in the pool or camping! Many people think that permanent eyeliner is too much for everyday use.Get the matte look you’ve always dreamed of without looking artificial. From a pure lash line enhancement for the nature lover, to minimal to thick, winged, shaded to dramatic, the options articulate them. Save time and money on makeup with our permanent eyeliner. Whether understated or bold, or dramatic, eyeliner beautifies every woman’s eyes. It can be a personal style, glamorous, or a very natural expression. Eyeliner styles are as diverse as any other makeup and can be a lot of fun. So how do you choose your look?
  LIFESTYLE   Choose an eyeliner style that reflects your everyday life. How much makeup do you wear each day? Are you very active or do you enjoy  sports and outdoor activities? Do you prefer natural and minimal makeup? Do you dress smart or  casual every day? Are there any cultural or religious practices you would like to respect?   At the Browmaster  we can help you determine the look that suits you best. Bottom line – choose a style that will keep you  comfortable  24/7.  EYE SHAPE  Eyeliner should complement the shape of your eyes. Just like eyebrows, eyes are sisters, not twins. One eye is often larger than the other, and may be slightly higher or lower, or a different shape.     SUITABLE FOR AGE   Look for looks that give you a fresh, youthful look without looking like you’re competing with your teenage daughter. Choosing the right eyeliner shape can help you regain your confidence.  
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